Badging Office

Airport Key Procedure

  • If a Company requires keys, a Key Request Form needs to be submitted to the KCAB Lock Shop
  • if a key is requested for a Contractor, the Sponsoring Company needs to submit a Key Request Form to the KCAB Lock Shop.
  • Keys are distributed by the ID Office during business hours. The employee for whom the key is assigned to, must be the person to pick up and sign for the key.
  • Unless stipulated by a Contract, there will be a $500.00 up-front deposit for a key(s).
  • There is a $100.00 charge for key replacement with a $75.00 refund should the original key be found and returned.
  • Replacement of lost or damaged keys or badges will be provided at the company expense. The company shall return any or all keys or access cards to KCAB when requested by KCAB.
  • If the loss of keys or access cards requires changing the combination of locks or changing other access equipment, the cost of such labor and material may be charged to the company at the discretion of KCAB.
  • Any fines or civil penalties assessed to KCAB caused by the company negligence is the responsibility of the company. Master Keys and/or Maintenance Master Keys must be returned in person, and not mailed.
  • When keys are returned to the ID Office, the employee will need to complete paperwork to refund the deposit for the key.