Badging Office

Badge Renewal

6 Month Badge Renewal

Employee will need to bring their Vendor Temp badge to ID Office with a Badge Application, signed off by the Authorized Signatory for the employee's company. Temp Badges can only be renewed within 30 days of the expiration date. Once the badge has been expired 30 days, the applicant will need to start the badging process again.

2 year Badge Renewal

SIDA and Secured badges are required to be renewed every 2 years. No paperwork is required from the employee's company to renew, unless changes are being made to the current badge. Employees will come to the ID Office within 60 days of their badge expiration to renew their badge.  Employee will need to bring their Acceptable ID's, have their fingerprints resubmitted (if applicable), and complete the SIDA and Ramp training (if applicable).  All employees are required to have a new picture taken when renewing their badge. Once the badge is expired for 30 days, the applicant must start the badging process again.

*Airline employees are required to bring a new Compliance Form-Airline to renew their badge.

2 year Badge Renewal with CBP Seal

CBP seals are renewed when your SIDA and Secured Badge is renewed. Employee will need to bring a Completed CBP packet (CBP form 3078, Company Renewal Form, and copies of a Passport, or Passport Card, or Birth Certificate + photo ID, or Employment Eligibility for Non US Citizens.

Airline Employees will need to bring a completed CBP Packet with a sealed envelope containing their CHRC.

Badges that are expired with a CBP will have the CBP seal removed and their company will have to apply for the CBP Seal again.