Badging Offfice

Commuter Badge Process

Commuter Badges are issued to Airlines that are based or associated with a based airline at CVG. The Fee is $50 a year, and lets you park in the Employee Parking Lot.

The process for Commuters at CVG is a two step process.

Step One:  Each employee must complete a Security Threat Assessment and a Badge Application. Applicants must present two (2) form of Acceptable Identification when applying for or renewing an Airport ID Badge. The documentation must be able to verify the applicant's identity as well as employment eligibility.

* Airline Employees must provide their Airline Crew ID as a form of ID*

The Security Threat Assessment takes 3 days to 2 weeks to be approved

Step Two:  Employees will be notified once the badge is ready to be picked up.  Employee will have 30 days to pick up the badge.

After 30 days the badge will be deleted from the system and the applicant must start the process from the beginning.  

Badges can only be renewed within 60 Days of the badge expiration date.