Badging Office

New Company Procedure

New companies applying for badges will need to complete the Request for New Company Request Form. Once the form has been completed, it will need to be emailed to the Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) for approval.

If the New Company is a Contractor for another company already established at the Airport, the Sponsoring Company will need to email the Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) to request badging for this company. The Sponsoring Company will also have the New Company fill out the Request for New Company Set Up form, forwarding it to the Airport Security Coordinator (ASC).

All Contracts pertaining to the New Company will need to be finalized before proceeding to the ID Office for Authorized Signatory Training.

Once the above application has been approved by the Airport Security Coordinator (ASC) and all insurance requirements and contracts have been finalized, the next step is to contact the CVG ID Department to schedule Authorized Signatory Training. (NOTE: Training is by appointment only. Walk-ins will not be processed.)