Badging Office

SIDA/Secured Badging Procedure

The SIDA/Secured badging process for employees at CVG is a two step process.

Step One - security threat assessment and fingerprinting

The forms in step one include:

All Badge applicants must present two (2) forms of Acceptable Identification when applying for or renewing an Airport ID Badge.

The Documentation must be able to verify the applicant's identity as well as employment eligibility

Concessionaires must also complete the CVG Concession Employee Badge Application for any employee needing a Secured Badge.

Step Two - badging and training

Each employee will require a Badge Application.  When submitting the CVG Badge application, the Authorized Signer needs to verify the correct badge type is selected, and if Ramp driving is required, it must be marked on the application.  Failure to mark those categories will result in employee receiving the lowest level Security Badge.

For Airline or Government employees, along with the CVG Badge Application, airlines must provide a Compliance Form-Airline to certify current and continued compliance with 49 CFR 1544.229 as it pertains to the fingerprint based CHRC.  Government employees must  provide a Government Fingerprint Compliance Form.

Each employee must complete SIDA training before receiving their badge.

Please allow 3 days to 2 weeks for applications to be processed and approved.